Careers at Dialog Solutions

At Dialog Solutions we’re always looking for the brightest and best to join our growing team. Click the button below to see the jobs at Dialog Solutions in our offices around the world. 

As part of the ProQuest family, Dialog Solutions offers its employees a range of competitive benefits in a supportive and inclusive working environment.  Take a look at the ProQuest careers page for more information.

Current Jobs at Dialog Solutions

Product Manager Lead

Location: London, United Kingdom / Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

The Product Manager Lead will be responsible for working with customers to build products they love and would recommend. The position will drive success of the full product lifecycle from customer discovery to building the product to launching the product with sales and marketing teams.

Software Architect Lead

Location: Ann Arbor, MI, USA

The Software Architect Lead is responsible for the application and system integration of large-scale systems and enterprise initiatives as well as serving as the steward of the overall architecture of the assigned area. They shall review requirements, write and review architect specifications, execute on specific tasks, and provide support for work generated.

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Dialog – an IEEE Milestone Award recipient

Dialog – an IEEE Milestone Award recipient

Even if you’re a die-hard user of the Dialog platform you may not realise how far back Dialog’s history goes. The first version of Dialog was completed in 1966, just as the earliest form of the Internet was being created. The creation of Dialog was a significant event...

Access research on Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Updated)

Access research on Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Updated)

One of the most important weapons in the fight against the global threat of coronavirus (COVID-19) is going to be vaccines and therapies. Central to this is the outstanding work being done by researchers and scientists around the world to find treatments to help with...

Free COVID-19 Research database on Dialog

Free COVID-19 Research database on Dialog

As part of our ongoing support of the research efforts for COVID-19 treatments, vaccines, and medical devices, we’ve launched a new, free database on Dialog: COVID-19 Research. The COVID-19 Research database provides free access to material on the COVID-19 outbreak...