Dialog Solutions, part of Clarivate, simplifies the research process for any organisation that uses peer-reviewed content to make business decisions.

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Our technology and services, combined with our unrivalled access to the world’s best academic literature databases makes research more powerful and efficient for any industry or application.

This is how we make it happen:

Opening Up Research

Our Dialog® search tool provides access to over 1.7 billion records across more than 140 databases of peer-reviewed literature.

With a powerful and easy to use interface, Dialog allows searchers of any skill level to access the research content they need.

Flexible pricing offers multiple ways to pay for access to academic literature, from pay-as-you-go to subscription models.

Unlocking Insight

The Dialog Solutions technology means organisations can look at more data sources more quickly, reducing the time it takes to find and act on relevant research. 

Our software offers a bespoke, modular approach to building research workflows, minimising disruption and adapting to the needs of any business. 

Together with our search and management tools, we help organisations to easily find the insights they’re looking for to make critical business decisions.

Supporting Discovery

We offer consultancy services alongside our peer-reviewed literature databases and technology. Taken together, this means we deliver an end-to-end solution for organisations that need world-class research workflows.

We enable our customers to outsource key elements of their research process, from search strategy management to analysing and sorting through search results.

Our search services mean that customers can rely on us to streamline their research process, saving them time and money and allowing them to focus on their research objectives.

What We Do

We enable better research across a number of different industries and use cases. Take a look at the examples below, and get in touch if you’d like to understand how we can help your research needs:

Pharmacovigilance Literature Monitoring

For any organisation that needs to monitor and report on the safety of their drugs and medical devices, our pharmacovigilance workflow means our customers can fully meet their drug safety obligations.

Competitive and business intelligence research

We help companies refine and develop their business plans by providing the latest market, regulatory and product trend updates from the world’s best content sources.

Innovation and patentability

We work with global patent offices and patent lawyers to provide extensive coverage of both patent and non-patent literature, helping them to deliver thorough state-of-the-art research. 

Systematic review research

Dialog Solutions helps streamline the systematic review process, providing librarians and information professionals with the tools and databases to deliver thorough systematic reviews.  

Literature Review Research for EU MDR Clinical Evaluation Reports

The Dialog platform is the most comprehensive way to perform literature reviews for EU MDR Clinical Evaluation Reports. We can help you deliver timely, accurate and comprehensive literature reviews for your EU MDR CERs.

Dialog Solutions Products and Services


The Dialog® platform allows researchers of any skill level to search and access more than 1.7 billion records from the world’s most authoritative sources. 

Dialog Alerts Manager

Dialog® Alerts Manager streamlines the research process by making it  easier to manage multiple search strategies and receive updates on the latest relevant articles.

Drug Safety Triager

A validated literature monitoring software tool to help pharmaceutical companies meet their regulatory requirements more quickly and accurately. 


PinPoint is a product literature database designed for the pharma, biotech and medical device industry, helping companies to efficiently track and manage selected content.


The RefWorks® reference management service helps researchers be more productive by simplifying the entire research process. Using a single tool, researchers can easily gather, organise, read and cite their research materials. 

Literature Screening Services

Our Literature Review Services team can manage your pharmacovigilance literature screening, helping improve efficiency and compliance.

Dialog Solutions Content

Through Dialog, we provide access to more than 140 databases of peer-reviewed content. Below, you’ll see the highlights of the content we offer. But if you want to see everything that Dialog gives you access to, take a look at our full list of content.

Search ClinicalTrials.gov with Dialog

The ClinicalTrials.gov database on Dialog provides access the world's largest collection of clinical studies. ClinicalTrials.gov is provided by the U. S. National Library of Medicine and holds...

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Derwent Drug File

Derwent Drug File selectively covers the worldwide pharmaceutical literature. Papers chosen may cover the chemistry, analysis, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, metabolism, biochemistry, interactions,...

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Pharmaprojects is the complete drug intelligence service covering global drug research and development across all disease areas since 1980. It sets the standard for comprehensive intelligence about...

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Allied & Complementary Medicine

Allied & Complementary Medicine™ Database covers the fields of complementary or alternative medicine and allied health. Information is geared toward medical professionals, health practitioners...

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Search ClinicalTrials.gov with Dialog

Search ClinicalTrials.gov with Dialog

The ClinicalTrials.gov database on Dialog provides access the world's largest collection of clinical studies. ClinicalTrials.gov is provided by the U. S. National Library of Medicine and holds registrations from over 389,000 research studies in 220 countries. Search...

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How To: Systematic Review Literature Searching

Searching literature is one of the most important elements of a systematic review. A well planned search strategy in the right databases ensures you have a robust list of results to whittle down as part of your PRISMA workflow. We’ve answered some of the common...

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