literature monitoring

Medical Literature Monitoring

Our suite of content, software tools and services, tailored towards medical literature monitoring, provides you with an end-to-end workflow that ensures you can meet regulatory, product and safety reporting obligations on time and without the risk of losing relevant information. We help you manage growing volumes of literature in an efficient and audit-ready way so you can focus on what you care about most, patient safety.

innovation prior art IPA

Innovation & Prior Art

If you are a scientist searching for state-of-the-art technologies, a patent attorney or agent that does novelty searching or a patent examiner who wants the best prior art, Dialog has you covered. Search within the most extensive online scientific research library you can imagine to expand your understanding of all aspects of a technology.

competitive intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Dialog’s premier offering of company information provides a 360 degree view of your competitive landscape. Get the full picture, including industry-specific and current awareness information, by searching Dialog's trade publications, magazines, business and scholarly journals and global news. It also includes the largest multi-disciplinary collection of scientific literature, together with content not freely available online.

evidence based medicine

Evidence-based Medicine

Make informed decisions quickly using more than 20,000 life science journals. Gather the evidence on best practice from a huge range of biomedical literature, including published, peer-reviewed articles, in-press publications, conference abstracts, clinical trials, systematic reviews and meta analyses.