Systematic Review Literature Searches

The Dialog search platform is an efficient and cost effective way to carry out systematic review literature searches.

We provide access to the world’s best peer-reviewed literature through an intuitive and powerful search interface. Combined with our flexible pricing options and advanced search functionality, Dialog is the ideal choice for searching literature as part of a systematic review.

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Dialog for Systematic Review Literature Searches

For anyone doing a literature search as part of a systematic review, the Dialog platform offers the best combination of content, features and pricing. 

With Dialog, you don’t need to carry out multiple searches across different databases and platforms. You can search all the main biomedical and scientific databases at once and easily track and manage every stage of the search process. What’s more, Dialog makes it easy to manage and export large volumes of search results. On top of this is Dialog’s flexible pricing, giving you access to the content you need, no matter what your budget. Together, these features ensure Dialog can become an integral part of your overall systematic review workflow

Here are the key features that make the Dialog platform the best choice for systematic review literature searches:

Search Multiple Databases at Once

Through the Dialog platform we provide access to over 140 databases, including EmbaseMEDLINEBIOSIS Previews and SciSearch.

All content is standardised to provide a consistent search experience, eliminating the need for complex post-processing.

Advanced Search Features

Dialog offers precision searching across all of our databases with three search modes, from basic to expert.  Dialog also includes a number of pre-made searches (hedges) for common research areas, helping you to build effective searches more quickly. 

In addition, search results can be deduplicated within Dialog. You can then output your search results into a range of formats (including Excel, XML and EndNote) so they can be seamlessly added to the downstream systematic review workflow.

Flexible pricing

Our flexible pricing models means you only need to pay for what you use. Access the world’s best research databases at a price and commitment level that suits you:

 – Transactional Plan: Pay-as-you-go access

 – Commitment Plan: Discounts when you commit to a minimum annual contract value

 – Subscription Plans: Flat rate subscriptions for specific databases or groups of databases

Grey Literature


As well as offering content from well-known journals and databases, Dialog also provides access to a broad range of grey literature sources including:


Dialog includes a medical synonym feature that allows you to add synonyms for each of your search terms with a single click. The synonyms have been taken from a variety of sources and taxonomies, including MeSH.

Fully Hosted

Saved Searches

Dialog allows you to create, save and edit complex search strategies. This makes it easy to manage multiple literature review searches. You can also create automated email notifications for each saved search, delivering new clinical data and publications on your devices as they become available on Dialog


Our expert team can help you create comprehensive search strategies for your systematic review literature searches. We also have an industry-leading customer support team that can help you use Dialog to follow PRISMA guidelines.

Demonstration of Article Galaxy on the Dialog platform

One-Click Full-Text Access

Dialog features one-click access to Article Galaxy from Research Solutions, giving you the option to rent or purchase the full-text version of the article you’ve found. This helps speed up the process of acquiring full-text articles for determining eligibility within the systematic review process.

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