What We Do

Our technology and services, combined with our unrivaled access to the world’s best peer-reviewed literature databases makes research more powerful and efficient for any industry or application. 

 This means we enable better research across a number of different industries and use cases. Take a look at the examples below, and get in touch if you’d like to understand how we can help your research needs. 

Pharmacovigilance Literature Monitoring

For any organisation that needs to monitor and report on the safety of their drugs and medical devices, our pharmacovigilance workflow means our customers can fully meet their drug safety obligations.

Competitive and Business Intelligence Research

We help companies refine and develop their business plans by providing the latest market, regulatory and product trend updates from the world’s best content sources.

Patent and Prior Art Research

We work with global patent offices and patent lawyers to provide extensive coverage of both patent and non-patent literature, helping them to deliver thorough patentability and R&D research. 

Systematic Review Literature Searches

Dialog Solutions helps streamline systematic review literature searches. It provides librarians and information professionals with the tools and databases they need to efficiently deliver literature searches for systematic reviews. 

Literature Review Research for EU MDR Clinical Evaluation Reports

The Dialog platform is the most comprehensive way to perform literature reviews for EU MDR Clinical Evaluation Reports. We can help you deliver timely, accurate and comprehensive literature reviews for your EU MDR CERs.

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