Oil and Gas Exploration

Solving complex engineering and scitech challenges

Our specialised sources cover both upstream and downstream technologies as well as the key business drivers for discovery and research in the oil and gas industry. Coverage includes architecture, construction materials and practices, and international civil engineering disciplines. Intuitive search and collaboration tools, partnered with content from the world’s most authoritative publishers, allow users to quickly find, organise, and share the right information.



Powerful search capabilities enable both the novice searcher and the information professional supporting R&D groups to efficiently find answers to complex challenges


Lateral searching and indexing across key fields such as author, subject, classification, and more enable the ability to pinpoint relevant records


Alerts and customized report building tools with formats including PDF, Word, HTML, Excel, user-defined templates and branding, saved searches, and custom preferences to support the diverse needs of engineers and scientists across the business


Results filters help give an authoritative picture of key authors, engineering subjects and company names within any given scientific or technical field


Look-ups for key fields of author, subject, and classification, with “begins with” AND “contains” to find search topics or name variations

Key collections


GEOBASE provides bibliographic information and abstracts for
physical and human geography, the Earth sciences, ecology,
geomechanics, and oceanography. Included are abstracts of
journal articles and, books, giving unequalled coverage of the
relevant core international scientific and technical periodicals.
Additionally, GEOBASE has a unique coverage of non-English
language and less readily available publications, including
conference proceedings and reports.

Proquest environmental science professional

This multidisciplinary database, provides unparalleled and
comprehensive coverage of the environmental sciences.
Abstracts and citations are drawn from more than 6,000 serials
including scientific journals, conference proceedings, reports,
monographs, books and government publications.

TULSA (petroleum abstracts)

TULSA™ (Petroleum Abstracts) provides bibliographic
citations to scientific articles, patents, meeting papers,
and government reports of interest to geologists,
geophysicists, petroleum engineers, and other technical
professionals and managers in the oil and gas
exploration and production industry.

EI Encompass LIT

Ei EnCompassLITTM provides comprehensive coverage of
literature related to the petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas,
and energy related industries. It corresponds to the following
bulletins of technical literature abstracts available electronically:
Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals, Health & Environment,
Transportation & Storage, Petroleum Substitutes,
Catalysts/Zeolites, Tribology, Reformulated Fuels, and Oilfield