Evidence-based medicine precision search for hospital researchers, students and staff facilitating excellence in systematic reviews

Over 20,000 life science journals help you make informed decisions quickly. Gather the evidence on best practice from a huge range of biomedical literature, including published, peer-reviewed articles, in-press publications, conference abstracts, clinical trials, systematic reviews and meta analyses. Whether you are looking for the latest evidence for anti-PD-1 therapies in the treatment of cancer or specific systematic reviews on the treatment of hepatitis C, Dialog is the ideal solution for evidence-based medicine.



Powerful search capabilities enable both the novice searcher and the information professional supporting R&D groups to efficiently find answers to complex challenges


Lateral searching and indexing across key fields such as author, subject, classification, and more enable the ability to pinpoint relevant records


Alerts and customised report building tools with formats including PDF, Word, HTML, Excel, user-defined templates and branding, saved searches, and custom preferences to support the diverse needs of researchers across your business.


Results filters help give an authoritative picture of key authors, Biomedical and medical subjects and company names within any relevant field


Look-ups for key fields of author, subject, and classification, with “begins with” AND “contains” to find search topics or name variations

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Dialog provides search capabilities for 1.3 billion authoritative records (750,000 added daily), 450,000 eBooks, 20 million pages of newspapers, 69 bibliographic patent authorities, 33 full-text patent authorities and 160+ specialist online databases that are unavailable elsewhere.

Dialog®Alerts Manager

With 750,000 publications added every day, on average, to the Dialog platform. How can you tap into that and get the right information to the right person at a time that is right for your organisation? The solution is the Dialog Alerts Manager. Whether you’re engaged in pharmacovigilance, post-market product monitoring, competitor research, or just want to keep pace with the publications that cover your R&D topics, our easy-to-use Alerts Manager helps you stay informed and saves you valuable time.

Alerts Management Services

Partner with Dialog Solutions to manage your alerts, including alerts for drug safety. Our team of experts work tirelessly to provide you with the results you need to maintain critical business functions.