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Dialog Solutions has an impressive depth and breadth of products and services, from Literature Monitoring management through to drug safety software and a whole range of services to meet our biomedical customers’ needs.

Our Dialog platform’s vast range of business-critical content offers, tailored, precision search solutions and flexibility in terms of budget that make us a unique tool for Pharma Biotech customers.

Related products

Comprehensive Literature Monitoring

Dialog pioneered the application of dedicated software solutions to streamline medical literature monitoring for ICSR, Aggregate Reports and Safety Signals and is the leader in this space. Our unique end-to-end suite of software, content and services is currently used by most of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical companies along with a wide range of other organisations including medium and smaller Pharma Biotech players, Generics, Medical Device companies and CROs.

Drug Safety Triager

A key component of our competitive Literature Monitoring workflow is our flagship software solution, Drug Safety Triager. Drug Safety Triager permits ingestion, review, management, storage, and reporting of ever-growing amount of literature related to adverse reactions. Designed as a workflow, Drug Safety Triager delivers efficiency, control, and compliance to a process that is resource intensive and under strict regulatory scrutiny.

Alerts Manager

With 750,000 publications added every day, on average, to the Dialog platform. How can you tap into that and get the right information to the right person at a time that is right for your organization? The solution is the Dialog Alerts Manager. Whether you are engaged in pharmacovigilance and post-market monitoring of your products, or you are following your competitors’ activities, or you need to keep pace with publications on your R&D topics, Dialog’s precision search capabilities and Alerts Manager make this an easy and time-efficient activity.

Literature Review Services

Our Literature Review Services team provides screening for drug safety, selection of and indexing of relevant articles for customers' product literature databases, alerts services, and multiple types of searches: regulatory, animal alternatives and ad-hoc. The Literature Review Services complement our Dialog content, Alerts Manager, Drug Safety Triager and PinPoint products for an an end-to-end solution that make us a strategic partner for any pharma customer.

Evidence-based Medicine

Over 20,000 life science journals help you make informed decisions quickly. Gather the evidence on best practice from a huge range of biomedical literature, including published, peer-reviewed articles, in-press publications, conference abstracts, clinical trials, systematic reviews and meta analyses.

Key collections


Embase, a leading international biomedical database, provides information on all aspects of human medicine and related disciplines with an emphasis on drugs—from pre-clinical studies to critical toxicology and safety. Almost 8,300 journals are available, including all of those covered by MEDLINE® and 2,900 not covered by MEDLINE. Embase also indexes 7,000+ conferences.


MEDLINE is the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) premier bibliographic database. It contains references to journal
articles in life sciences with a concentration on biomedicine and health. This is broadly defined to encompass those areas
of the life sciences, behavioral sciences, chemical sciences, and bioengineering needed by health professionals and
others engaged in basic research and clinical care, public health, health policy development, or related educational
activities. MEDLINE also covers life sciences vital to biomedical practitioners, researchers, and educators, including aspects of biology, environmental science, marine biology, plant and animal science as well as biophysics and chemistry.

BIOSIS Previews®

BIOSIS Previews® provides comprehensive worldwide coverage of life sciences and biomedical research from journals, meetings, books and some patents. BIOSIS Previews® takes an interdisciplinary and in-depth approach that carefully monitors every area of the life sciences including pre-clinical and experimental research, methods and instrumentation, animal studies and environmental issues.
Subjects are indexed by a wide range of terms including major concepts, biological organisms and taxa, diseases, methods and equipment, gene names, geologic time, geographic location and chemical substances, allowing easy review of article content and precise searchability

AdisInsight: Drugs

AdisInsight: Drugs (formerly Adis R&D Insight) provides leading, evidence-based scientific and market information on
drugs in commercial development worldwide. Drug and cell-based products are tracked across all therapeutic areas and
throughout the entire development process, from discovery to launch.