SciSearch: A Cited Reference Science Database is not only a large, multi-disciplinary, international bibliographic database covering 150 disciplines in science, technology and biomedicine, but also the world’s preeminent citation database with millions of cited reference connections indexed from high quality peer reviewed journals and proceedings. 100% of available cited references for all items in the database are included with each document.

Each cited reference is meticulously indexed to ensure that it is searchable and attributes credit to the appropriate publication, enabling accurate evaluation of research productivity and citation impact. You can locate articles cited by a particular paper or author, as well as those citing a known reference, allowing you to extend your research on a subject and find seminal papers, potential collaborators and prominent new researchers. Dialog™ has created search fields, look up lists and results filters to allow you to access and analyse this wealth of cited reference material.

SciSearch: A Cited Reference Science Database also operates as a traditional bibliographic database, with abstracts, subject terms, authors, affiliations and funding acknowledgements in addition to the cited references, providing you with a complete view of the scholarly record as well as many different access points for search and retrieval. SciSearch covers virtually every subject area within the broad fields of science and technology, from agriculture and foods to zoology.

Use SciSearch: A Cited Reference Science Database to answer such questions as:

  • What are the adverse effects of pembrolizumab?
  • Are there any systematic reviews on the treatment of hepatitis C?
  • Who are the leading researchers in entanglement distillation?
  • Which articles cite the Longley 2016 paper on immune response to malaria?
  • Which articles does Longley cite in his 2016 paper on immune response to malaria?
  • How many times has Sanger’s 1977 paper on DNA sequencing been cited?

More information on SciSearch: A Cited Reference Science Database is available here.

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