ProQuest Corporate Re-brands to Dialog® Solutions: Customer FAQ

March 06, 2019

Dialog® Solutions Customer FAQ
March 2019

Why has ProQuest Corporate re-branded?
We recognised within the business that the way our products and services were presented to customers/prospects was limiting our reach to a single market segment, which sometimes led to confusion.

Dialog® Solutions has been created as a replacement umbrella brand for all the products and services that ProQuest Corporate has been offering so we can present a more transparent and concise customer-facing messages. We remain a ProQuest brand and all existing processing and procedures remain unchanged.


What does this mean for the product/service I currently use?
Apart from the brand changes on products, collateral and documentation, nothing else will change. Your support queries will be managed by the same teams and our customer experience teams, development plans and dedication to customers remain unchanged.


What does this mean for the future?
Dialog Solutions will continue to develop interoperable solutions but modular products and services will be created to support end-to-end workflow solutions.  This approach continues to offer customers choice when selecting the best solutions to suit their needs.


Are you still part of the ProQuest organisation?


Is this a legal change that requires action on our part?
The change does not affect our terms and conditions, nor any other legally binding contracts or agreements customers have with ProQuest. Our processes and systems remain unchanged and the name change does not impact any technical or product performance aspects of service. Our bank account number and payment terms are also unchanged, and no service interruptions will result from this change.


Is the new company financially secure/profitable?
Yes, we remain a profitable part of the ProQuest family and are tied directly to the company’s overall financial results, its strong fiscal health and its long-term stability.


Has ProQuest sold Dialog®?
No, Dialog Solutions is a ProQuest brand and, as such, Dialog and all the products we offer remain owned and operated by ProQuest LLC.


Why did you choose Dialog Solutions as your new name?
Dialog has a long heritage and a strong brand that engenders precision, trust and quality – our key attributes – in everything we do. Building our business on our base Platform – Dialog, we will continue to extend complementary services to provide an end-to-end solution for key customer workflows hence selecting the brand name Dialog Solutions.


Will I still receive the same level of support for my product or service?
Yes. Our new website contains a support centre that contains everything you need to know from getting started, to training and hints and tips, plus how you can get in touch and log support queries. Please visit: for more.


How can I find out more about the new brand?
Contact your Account Manager or email us at:

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