RefWorks® is reference management and collaboration tool that helps researchers be more productive by simplifying the entire research process. Using a single tool, researchers can easily gather, organise, read and cite their research materials.

The RefWorks® reference management and collaboration service empowers researchers to do more faster, making it easier to focus on high-value tasks that get them closer to their research goals. With a modern user experience, full-text management as well as reference management and collaboration tools, RefWorks delivers a more efficient and reliable process for producing research papers and grants.

RefWorks Overview

Powerful Data Collection

RefWorks can import files from over 800 different databases and file formats, including Dialog, ProQuest, Google, PDFs and Office documents. Sources can be instantly saved to RefWorks, with citations automatically added using the ProQuest Summon Discovery Service. 

Reference management

RefWorks allows users to organise, retrieve, read and annotate sources, with an unlimited amount of cloud storage for reference and full text documents. In addition, it is easy to import references from a variety of internal and external sources, including the Dialog® platformResearchers can then easily search, annotate and tag all of these documents, speeding up the research process.

Collaboration Tool

RefWorks improves team collaboration by allowing users to:

 – Read, annotate and highlight documents together

 – Share folders or references

 – Make collaborative writing easier with integration between Google Docs and RefWorks


RefWorks provides over 4,000 customisable citation styles and can automatically generate bibliographies for a list of sources. It also features add-ons for Google Docs and Microsoft Word, allowing the insertion and formatting of citations, footnotes and bibliographies directly into documents.  

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