PinPoint is a product literature database designed for the pharma, biotech and medical device industry, helping companies to efficiently track and manage selected content, providing easy access to research and answers to specialized questions for internal users.

PinPoint’s selected content, custom indexing, data management and search functionality allow you to focus on critical information needs related to your company’s products, as well as those of your competitors. Data can be automatically imported from Dialog Alerts and integrated with internal conference papers, internal information and other resources as well as your company’s unpublished literature. The content and functionality of PinPoint means it can track and retrieve relevant literature for a range of uses, from medical affairs, compliance, clinical development and publications planning to marketing, regulatory affairs and competitive intelligence.

PinPoint PLD Features Overview


The PinPoint PLD is fully hosted, allowing you to reduce the security risks and costs of maintaining in-house database servers. 


Indexing in PinPoint can be adapted to reflect your organisation’s view of what is important in literature, supporting user workflows and specific information needs, providing faster, more relevant results.


PinPoint makes it easier to find relevant content stored within the database. Product literature can be seamlessly linked to related information, such as medical letters, safety reports or journal articles. It can also be used to track competitors’ publications and wider publishing trends, allowing you to easily run reports to look at your place in the market. 

High Precision and Recall

PinPoint allows users to quickly find what they need, when they need it, without knowing complicated search and indexing techniques. It provides an intuitive interface with a one-stop content repository so users don’t have to access multiple platforms to find the information required. 

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