Drug Safety Triager

A fully validated and audit-ready literature monitoring software tool to help pharmaceutical companies meet their regulatory product safety monitoring requirements. Drug Safety Triager makes drug safety monitoring easy, compliant and efficient.

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Drug Safety Triager (DST) was created to make the drug safety literature monitoring process more efficient, cost-effective and compliant. It allows review teams to focus on patient safety issues in scientific literature and streamline the literature monitoring processes for ICSRs, aggregate reports (including PBRER, PSUR and DSUR) and safety signals. For any organisation that has to monitor the safety of medical products and detect changes to their risk-benefit balance, Drug Safety Triager is a vital tool. 

Drug Safety Triager (previously known as Pi2 Drug Safety Triager) also forms an integral part of our medical literature monitoring solution, working seamlessly with Dialog, Alerts Manager and our literature review services. Read more about our end-to-end approach to medical literature monitoring for pharmacovigilance

Drug Safety Triager Features Overview

Fully validated and audit-ready Literature Monitoring

Each implementation of Drug Safety Triager is delivered with a validation package which includes robust, pharmaceutical industry standard, computer system validation documentation. The validation and documentation efforts are conducted in line with pharmaceutical industry regulations and guidelines to ensure compliance to health authority expectations.

Within Drug Safety Triager, all literature references related to medicinal product safety undergo a systematic review process which automatically captures and appends a non-editable audit trail to the record. This process ensures all records are entirely maintained and are audit-ready, including health authority inspections.

Configurable Workflow

Drug Safety Triager has a modern, intuitive and reliable interface, with a range of useful features, including: 

  • Configurable interface
  • Full text access and ordering capability
  • Ability to upload multiple documents 
  • Audit-trail for each document
  • Seamless work allocation to multiple user roles
  • Compliance and regulatory reports
  • E2B R3 output to case processing
  • Enhanced reference deduplication

Streamlined Process

 Drug Safety Triager is proven to deliver measurable efficiencies and cost savings whilst increasing productivity, compliance and quality.

It eliminates duplicated and inconsistent references and can reduce the literature to be reviewed by safety scientists and physicians for aggregate reports and safety signals by up to 70%. 

 Literature references entered into Drug Safety Triager flow automatically through the workflow, and are organised in an intuitive and easy to use way.

How It Works

What Our Customers Are Saying


“We never before had drug safety software that worked from the first day with no errors and delivered the promised results”


“With Drug Safety Triager we just completed an EMA audit; we have zero findings from the literature review process”


“We have never experienced a more competent, more flexible and more responsive vendor”


“Compared to what we had before, Drug Safety Triager is like going from a horse-drawn carriage to a space rocket”

Add Drug Safety Triager to Your Medical Literature Monitoring Process

Drug Safety Triager can integrate seamlessly with existing drug safety workflows. Contact us below to discuss how we can help you transform your approach to pharmacovigilance. 

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