Dialog Alerts Manager

Dialog Alerts Manager allows you to create Dialog Alerts, which are automated email notifications that deliver new publications on your topics as they become available on Dialog. If you run multiple alerts on your products, competitors or R&D areas you will know the difficulties of updating them when you need to change the search strategy, add a new recipient or change the frequency.

Dialog Alerts Manager helps you do these tasks – and many more – easily and efficiently. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Dialog Alerts Manager Features

Dialog Alerts Manager streamlines the research process with powerful bulk editing, an audit history to keep track of changes to your alerts and who made them, as well as easy alert creation.

Easy Alert Creation

Creating and updating an alert is quick and straightforward with Dialog Alerts Manager:

 – Previews of counts and results for searches

 – Generate new Dialog Alerts from templates

 – ‘Hedge’ option for including frequently used terms for common subjects (such as adverse effects, clinical trials, and population groups). 

Powerful Alerts Management

Dialog Alerts Manager makes it easy to manage large volumes of searches. Quickly find alerts by name, database, format, frequency, recipient, or search syntax. Then update any of these attributes in several alerts at once in one bulk edit, saving time and minimizing the potential for errors.

Audit History

Download your entire audit history to provide a precise record of changes to your searches, including editor’s name and comments. An audit history is generated for every change you make to a Dialog Alert, with the option to add your reasons for each change. 

Alert Scheduling

Plan your work effectively by scheduling your Dialog Alerts to run automatically on a day, time and frequency (daily, monthly or quarterly) of your choosing.

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