Simplifying and streamlining research for more effective outcomes

RefWorks software helps our customers do more. It’s a reliable, time-saving service that helps researchers and librarians optimise their capabilities by simplifying and streamlining the research and the paper writing process. With this one tool, users have all they need to capture, store, organise, collaborate on and cite research material.



Backed by ProQuest’s world-class support, RefWorks analytics helps librarians and information professionals understand who is using the tool and how it delivers a reliable, time-saving service that researchers require. It’s the easiest, most effective way to provide organisations with comprehensive research capabilities.

Advanced Admin Tools

For the librarian, our new RefWorks solution delivers advanced administrative controls. They are able take charge of their subscription offer and manage it with a number of key, integrated tools.

Generate Bibliographies

Generate bibliographies and other citations for papers and grants.

Capture Content & Comment on References

Identify, capture, store and access relevant content and review, comment and collaborate on references.


Empowers researchers

RefWorks empowers research staff to become an integral part of the research process.


Offers high-quality dependable software solutions to deliver a range of customer requirements.

Safeguards Intellectual Property

RefWorks enables easy access to all the key materials you need while preserving intellectual property.

Effective completion

RefWorks enables users to have all the research they need available in a single tool to capture, store, organise, collaborate on and cite research, ensuring organisations complete their research effectively.

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