Helps you find the right funding and partners to accelerate your research

Locating and securing research funding is becoming increasingly competitive, as funding opportunities are limited. Pivot accelerates the research process by integrating funding, collaborator discovery, and publishing opportunities into one powerful tool. Pivot connects researchers to financial support by leveraging the most comprehensive global source of sponsored funding opportunities and provides scholarly profiles to match researchers with financial partners and collaborators.


Integrated Funding and Collaboration in One Tool

Pivot® integrates funding and collaborator discovery into one powerful tool so researchers can effectively collaborate with their colleagues, as well as quickly discover the right funding opportunities.

Quick and Easy Implementation Process

Pivot® is a technology that is intuitive and easily implemented, which will help increase efficiency in your research office. Users can get started quickly, receiving funding recommendations and finding potential collaborators immediately.

Provides Global and Local Connections

Pivot® provides global and local connections that strengthen research by exploring new avenues for funding and collaboration.

Centered on Collaboration

Unmatched for supporting collaboration in the research development field, Pivot® answers the growing demands on researchers to quickly discover the right collaborators and efficiently work in partnership with their colleagues to secure funding.

Customised Admin Features

Pivot® provides customisation features that allow the Research Administrators to add internal deadlines, notes to funding opportunities, curated lists of funding for specific topics and the ability to alert your users with your own announcements within Pivot.


Most Comprehensive Source of Funding and Content

The Pivot® service offers extraordinary breadth of content that is editorially-maintained. The content it organises and makes accessible equates to $44 billion in funding opportunities and more than 3 million detailed scholar profiles.

Collaboration and Communication Workflow

Adequate tools for communicating, organising, and collaborating around funding opportunities are included within Pivot® for easy sharing and working with other researchers.