Drug Safety Triager

Drug Safety Triager is a validated literature monitoring software tool that meets your regulatory reporting obligations.

The Drug Safety Triager is central to our success and is proven to deliver measurable efficiencies and cost savings whilst increasing productivity, compliance and quality in a fully validated and audit-ready package. It is a workflow application that has been designed from the ground up to allow review teams to focus on patient safety issues in the scientific literature and streamline the literature monitoring processes for ICSR, Aggregate Reports and Safety Signals.

The Drug Safety Triager provides complete management oversight, eliminates duplicated and inconsistent reference review and reduces the volume of literature that needs to be assessed by medics by 70-80%. After the review is complete, references containing patient safety issues are automatically output to case processing, medical writing and for signal evaluations. 


Fully validated

Manages all incoming literature consistently, creating a systematic literature review process with added functionality all fully tested and compliant. For further information, please follow link above for White Paper.

Audit readiness

Manages all incoming literature consistently, creating a systematic literature review process with an automatic audit trail

Easy to integrate

Integrates with existing safety databases and other workflow applications, such as full text and translation procurement, case management notification

Trusted and measurable

Trusted data from a high-quality scientific literature provider. Generate instant reports to measure compliance rates and instant KPI data

Streamlined workflow

Streamlines the reference review process end-to-end for ICSR, aggregate reports and safety signals


Reduce risk in your literature monitoring process with a fully compliant, automated workflow

What our customers are saying

Director of Global Information Services

"We have never experienced a more competent, more flexible and more responsive vendor"

Head of Literature Screening, top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

"Compared to what we had before, Drug Safety Triager is like going from a horse-drawn carriage to a space rocket".

Manager Drug Safety Systems, top 50 pharmaceutical company

"We never before had drug safety software that worked from the first day with no errors and delivered the promised results".

Project Manager, CRO for a top 10 pharmaceutical account

"With Drug Safety Triager we just completed an EMA audit; we have zero findings from the literature review process".

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