This powerful platform's simple interface enables easy access for every skill level. Precision searches across 1.3 billion records.

Dialog aggregates published content from over 140+ databases comprehensively covering biomedical, engineering, patents, news and business, dissertations and theses to support powerful precision search.

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Premium, multi-disciplinary content

Dialog provides search capabilities for 1.3 billion authoritative records (750,000 added daily), 450,000 eBooks, 20 million pages of newspapers, 69 bibliographic patent authorities, 33 full-text patent authorities and 140+ specialist online databases that are unavailable online.

Alerts manager

Whether you’re engaged in pharmacovigilance, post-market product monitoring, competitor research, or just want to keep pace with the publications that cover your R&D topics, our easy-to-use Alerts Manager helps you stay informed and saves you valuable time.

Precision search

Dialog’s precise search function sorts through 1.3 billion records on key topics, including pharma biotech, engineering, patents, news and business, dissertations and theses.

Flexible pricing

We offer flexible pricing models for content access designed to suit every budget and need—from subscription models to a range of transaction-based pricing options including commitment plans.

Suits multiple skill levels

Dialog's simple user interface enables searchers of all levels to use the platform effectively.


Pharma biotech

Dialog Solutions offers medical literature monitoring, drug safety software, and a whole range of services to meet your needs. Our business-critical content offers tailored search solutions and flexibility in terms of budget, which makes it a unique tool for customers seeking premium content not otherwise available online.


We offer a broad collection of engineering and scitech research materials. You’ll enjoy quick access to scientific technical journals, full-text patents, cutting edge academic research and comprehensive global news and trade journals. Our curated, scholarly eBook content covers engineering and scitech disciplines alongside seamless access to the full-text of over 2,800 current scientific journals.

News and Business

Our news and business resources provide a 360-degree view of your competitive landscape with more than 20 million newspaper pages available across an array of topics. Access includes industry-specific and current-awareness information, global news, trade publications, magazines and business and scholarly journals, as well as the largest multi-disciplinary collection of scientific literature, in addition to further content not freely available online.

Full-text Patents

We make it easy to begin a cost-effective patentability search in our global patent collection. Experience full text, images, English translations, Derwent® abstracts, PDFs of the original patent and patent family information together on a single platform.

Dissertations and theses

Dissertations and theses are often the first published source for new concepts and areas of research, thus a key component for any prior-art search. Dialog provides full-text dissertations from more than 1,700 graduate schools and universities, including the most prestigious research programmes encompassing almost all areas of science and technology.

Essential tools

Search solutions

Conducting concise searches is made easier with our step-by-step instructions for the most common searches in each Dialog collection.

Self guided training modules

Take advantage of our e-learning resources: View recorded and on-demand mini-presentations, which highlight useful features, content and search tips.

How do I?

If you’re a searcher or an administrator, you can count on our short, easy-to-follow instructions to help you accomplish most common tasks.


We provide tools, tips and training resources for Dialog administrators to self-manage their organisation’s account.

Key collections

Pharma biotech: Embase®

Embase, a leading international biomedical database, provides information on all aspects of human medicine and related disciplines with an emphasis on drugs—from pre-clinical studies to critical toxicology and safety. More than 7,600 journals are available, including all of those covered by MEDLINE® and 2,000 not covered by MEDLINE. Embase also contains 2,500+ conferences.

Pharma biotech: Medline®

MEDLINE is the US National Library of Medicine’s premier bibliographic database, which contains journal articles in life sciences with a concentration on biomedicine and health, including clinical and experimental medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacology, veterinary medicine, psychiatry and psychology, toxicology and many other related fields. About 5,600 international journals are included.

Patents: Derwent World Patents Index®

Dialog Solutions is a major player in patent search and prior art, with 33 full-text patent offerings and coverage of 69 bibliographic patent authorities. Derwent World Patents Index and Derwent Drug Registry let users retrieve groups of drugs that have common structural features and/or biological activities.

Competitive intelligence: ProQuest Newsstand™

ProQuest Newsstand Professional is a collection of leading newspapers, magazines and wire services with geographic reach throughout the US and around the world. The 2,400 titles available are actively managed and the database has coverage back to 1983.

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