Begin a cost-effective patentability search in Dialog’s global patent collection. Experience full text, images, English translations, Derwent® abstracts, PDFs of the original patent and patent family information together on a single platform. 33 full-text patent authorities, including PDFs, claims, specifications, forward and backward citations, families, legal status tables and an additional 69 bibliographic authorities

Key collections

Global Patents Full Text

Dialog Solutions is a major player in patent search and prior art, with 33 full-text patent offerings and coverage of 69 bibliographic patent authorities. Each patent document contains, when available: Front-page bibliographic information, the full specification, claims, original language plus English machine translation, drawing sheets and inline images, citing patents, legal status and the full patent family.

CLAIMS®/U.S. PATENTS and Legal Status

The CLAIMS®/U.S. PATENTS and Legal Status database is produced by IFI CLAIMS® Patent Services. The database provides access to more than 6 million granted United States patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) since 1950. Published pre-grant applications are available from March 2001 forward. Proprietary information produced by IFI CLAIMS® Patent Services includes: Business-method patent indexing, probable assignee names produced algorithmically using various sources such as reassignment data, calculated expiration dates. All U.S. legal status is available, and includes pre- and post-issuance reassignment information details such as the former assignee (i.e., assignor), new assignee, reassignment action (e.g., full interest, quarter interest, etc.), date of reassignment, reel and frame number of the USPTO microfilm record, and the correspondence address.

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