Dialog Alerts Manager

Easily create, maintain and edit multiple search strategies to save you time and effort, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance for PV Literature Monitoring

Whether you are engaged in pharmacovigilance or post-market monitoring products, competitor research, or just keeping pace with publications on your R&D topics, Dialog’s precision search capabilities and Alerts Manager make it easy and quick. Schedule your search to run automatically on a day and time of your choosing—daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.


Download Audit History

Audit history is now available and contains a precise record of changes, including editor's comments.

Add & Remove Email Recipients

Add or remove email recipients for all, or a selection of, alerts in one bulk action.

Update Search Syntax

Make changes to search syntax in multiple alerts, all at the same time.

Change Delivery Frequency

In one group action, you can quickly change delivery frequency or formats in multiple alerts.

Edit Search Strategy

From the same page, you can easily edit your strategy and other attributes.


Users can now adopt hedges for the alerts; hedges are a set of search terms that you can use multiple times to capture information on a particular subject. These are a significant tool that help to ensure accuracy and consistency in complex searches. Shortly users will be able to create their own hedges.

Filter Databases

We make it easy to filter databases for quick selection.

Multi-coloured text

Verify search strategy accuracy: Our multi-coloured text helps distinguish easily between terms, field codes, wild cards, AND/OR and other syntax.

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