Competition for research funding continues to rise, globally. Yet research offices and research administrators are being pressed to do more for their researchers with less resources. So, working smarter, not harder, is the key to success.

Pivot allows researchers and research administrators to identify new funding resources and potential collaborators while offering unparalleled insights and short-cuts to help research organisations win a larger share of available funding.   With more than 20 years of experience, Pivot is the proven and trusted funding awareness solutions for hundreds of the world’s leading research institutions.

With Pivot researchers and administrators can:

• Access the broadest global coverage of available funding opportunities in a single, editorially curated database
Find and share thousands of funding opportunities equaling billions of dollars
Discover the widest variety of funding types, including government, foundations, non-profit, corporate, academic and much more.
Track opportunities and get alerts and updates on deadlines and other significant changes
Enable Funding Advisor that automatically recommends funding based on a researcher’s specific profile
Locate potential collaborators from within and outside your institution across millions of integrated scholarly profiles
Communicate about funding opportunities with built in newsletters, announcements and sharing tools
Integrates seamlessly with tools like InfoReady, Cayuse and ORCID to streamline researchers workflow
Claim, manage and update your researcher profile to discover new funding opportunities and collaborators
Search thousands of conferences requesting “call for papers” where researchers can present and publish their work by leveraging the built-in Papers Invited database
Identify usage and researchers’ interests with powerful analysis and reporting tools
Count on a world class support team for help to resolve any issues and take advantage of an online knowledge center