PinPoint PLD Overview

PinPoint is a customised publications database that provides our customers in the Pharma Biotech arena with a fully hosted, resource-saving application that manages and tracks relevant literature for medical affairs, compliance, clinical development, publications planning, marketing, regulatory affairs and competitive intelligence.

Pinpoint’s custom indexing, data creation and search functionality allow you to focus on critical publications for your company’s products, as well as those of your competitors. Data can be imported from Dialog alerts and integrated with conference papers and other resources as well as your company’s unpublished literature.

PinPoint’s customised functionality delivers a number of benefits to our clients via:

• Ease of use – for both professional searchers and end users
• Eliminating hosting needs
• Customisation: indexing can be uniquely constructed to reflect your organisation’s view of the literature, reflecting user workflows and specific information needs for faster, more relevant results.
• Flexible solutions for linking to full-text articles and document delivery services

With PinPoint, you can:

• Minimise the typical “noise” in biomedical search results by pinpointing only the most relevant literature.
• Link product literature seamlessly to related information like medical letters, study documents, safety reports, promotional literature, submission documents        and full-text journal articles.
• Track competitors’ publications and run comparative reports.
• Track and display publishing trends, taking hours of work out of “publications strategy” tasks and saving agency or in-house costs.
• Provide easy “point and click” menu-driven searching for end-users while supporting sophisticated search for information professionals.