Patents Collection

The most trusted name in patents research.  Quickly uncover relevant and critical records with the most comprehensive full-text patents offering in the marketplace—in addition to scientific, technical, and medical databases, full-text dissertations, global news coverage, and leading trade journals.
Prior Art with confidence. Leading the industry with the largest collection of prior art available in a single, integrated resource, Dialog Solutions optimises patent and non-patent literature research for users of all skill levels.
360 degree views. Determine the global protection of an invention with access to three patent families and patent family legal status, including member details.
Support your organisation.  Dialog Solutions provides a flexible solution which can be leveraged for all researchers across your organization. With four different search experiences, supporting skill levels from novice to expert, each search interface is optimised to enhance discovery for all users and their workflows.

Dialog Solutions Patent Difference

  • 33 full-text patent authorities, including PDFs, claims, specifications, forward and backward
    citations, families, legal status tables and an additional 69 bibliographic authorities
  • Access to three patent families, including Derwent, ProQuest Dialog INPADOC, and LexisNexis Univentio
  • Support for thorough ownership, due diligence, infringement, freedom to operate, and competitive
    intelligence searches with comprehensive content, and flexible searching
  • Subscription and transactional (Pay As You Go) pricing options, including project tracking options
    for billing back clients


  • Search comprehensive prior art with classifications via multiple entry points including: search fields, browse look-ups, truncation on codes, lateral search from any patent indexing to find all patents by that code, and results filtering by class code
  • Find and track companies active in key areas of technology, or identify top inventors. Determine who the top inventors are in an area and who owns the most patents. Create ranked lists formatted, editable, and ready for distribution
  • Monitor the competition with reports and alerting on the legal status of a patent family in one table
  • Conduct a thorough investigation of a patent with forward and backward citations, locating cited patents and non-patent literature

Key Features

  • Powerful alerting engine tailored to patents research
  • Precision command-line searching with proximity operators, fields and adjacency, left/right unlimited truncation, wildcards, flexible sets and editing
  • Configurable query support tools including advanced template-driven forms, visual limits and filters, auto-complete, pluralization, and US/UK spellings
  • Patent number normalization with flexible # searching
  • Access to more than 149 million full patent images
  • Look-ups for key fields of company, classification, assignee, and inventor with “begins with” AND “contains”
  • Visual filters with ranked reports of key fields
  • Lateral searching and indexing across key fields such as classification, assignee, and inventor
  • Hyperlinks to all patent and applications numbers and many literature citations for easy one-click searching

Full Text Patent Authorities

• Argentina
• Australia
• Austria
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Canada
• China
• Denmark
• Eurasia
• Europe
• Finland
• France
• Germany (East Germany)
• Great Britain
• India
• Ireland
• Italy
• Japan
• Korea
• Luxembourg
• Mexico
• Monaco
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Portugal
• Russia (Soviet Union)
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• United States


Additional Key Patent Databases

  • Bibliographic coverage from 69 patenting authorities
  • CLAIMS® (formerly IFI)
  • Derwent Chemistry Resource
  • IMS Patent Focus
  • LitAlert®
  • Patents Citation Index

Patent Families

  • Derwent World Patents Index®
  • LexisNexis Univentio
  • ProQuest Dialog™ INPADOC