News and Trade Collection

The most complete collection for monitoring news, trade and market research across all key industries from the world’s major licensed media publishers. Intuitive search and collaboration tools, combined with content not freely available online from the world’s most authoritative publishers, allow users to quickly find, organize, and share the right information.

Make critical business decisions vital to success.  Supporting a multitude of current awareness and competitive intelligence needs, this actively managed collection includes a unique combination of trade resources and global news, including market leading cross-industry aggregations from ProQuest Newsstand Professional, ABI/INFORM, and Gale Cengage.

Provide comprehensive global access with single-point searching and tracking of all major licensed global news and trade publishers, including the unique coverage of international newspapers, leading wires and business news in ProQuest Newsstand Professional.

Mitigate Organisational risk by reducing your firm’s over-dependence on open web news sources.

Easily share information across your organization, ensuring all users get the right information in the right format, at the right time.

Dialog Solutions Difference

  • Flexible access and pricing options—from small business packages and transactional (Pay As You Go) options, through to enterprise-wide subscriptions
  • Suite of search and workflow tools that enable all users, from skilled information professionals to novice searchers, to discover, manage, and track research throughout the organization


  • Stay abreast of current competitor activity and new market entrants
  • Monitor technological developments, industry adoption and trends
  • Find prospective customers and source the best suppliers and partners
  • Gather information on existing products and announcements
  • Identify “common law” use of product names
  • Track global market trends and opportunities
  • Assess the existence of prior art for a potential patent application
  • Uncover experts in your field to find potential consultants, employees, or expert witnesses

Key Features

• Coverage includes trade publications, magazines, newsletters, business publications across all sectors of the economy, and scholarly business journals. Many are available in full text, and for those available in abstract form, seamless links can be enabled to third-party full text holdings

• Powerful search capabilities enable both the novice searcher and the information professional supporting the organization to efficiently find answers to complex challenges

• Results filters help give an authoritative picture of subjects, classifications, titles, people, and company names

• Alerts and customized report building tools with formats including PDF, Word, HTML, Excel, user-defined templates and branding, saved searches, and custom preferences to support the diverse needs of all users

• Look-ups for key fields such as people, location, and company, with “begins with” AND “contains”

• Lateral searching and indexing across key fields such as author, subject, classification, and more enable the ability to pinpoint relevant records

Cross Sector News

ProQuest Newsstand Professional Research business activity, current events, consumer news and economic conditions with this comprehensive collection of high-quality newspapers and wires

ProQuest Newsstand Professional contains sources such as:

  • Leading full-text newspapers from all regions of the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian, the Independent, China Business News, Le Monde, the Johannesburg Star, and many more
  • Leading wires and business news, including the BBC Monitoring series, PR Newswire, and Business Wire

Cross Sector Trade

• ABI/INFORM® Professional (various packages available)
Supports broad, in-depth business research into management best practices, and provides global cross-sector competitive intelligence. Includes leading market research resources from Economist Intelligence Unit, Business Monitor International and Emerging Markets Direct

• Comprehensive suite of trade databases from Gale
Track competitors, identify new technology and product launches, spot recent partnerships, and access the latest market commentaries and insights

  • Business & Industry™
  • Gale Group New Product Announcements/Plus®
  • Gale Group Newsletter Database™
  • Gale Group PROMT®
  • Gale Group Trade & Industry Database™

Current Awareness Resources

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

  • ADIS R&D Insight
  • Chemical Safety Newsbase
  • ESPICOM Pharmaceutical & Medical Device News
  • FDAnews
  • Foodline®: Market
  • Gale Group Health
  • Periodicals Database
  • Gale Group PharmaBiomed
  • Business Journals
  • IMS R&D Focus

Engineering and Scitech

  • Chemical Business Newsbase
  • Gale Group Computer Database™
  • Jane’s Defense & Aerospace News
  • NTIS – National Technical Information Service
  • UBM Computer Full Text

Market Research

  • Thomson Reuters Embargoed Research Collection® (formerly Investext®)
  • ABI/INFORM® Professional Market Research