Dialog Overview

We’re continually improving the Dialog platform to provide a better, more efficient search experience for all our users. Take a look below at two of the latest features we’ve brought to Dialog – a new header and workspace menu and a Saved Searches workspace. If you’re currently a Dialog customer, you should have already seen these changes. If you’re not yet a Dialog customer, get in touch for a free demo!

New Header and Workspace Menu

Dialog’s header has a new look and introduces the Workspace menu. Open the Workspace menu to get 1-click access to the complete set of Dialog tools, including the new Saved Searches workspace. The Help menu includes new links to video tutorials and the Dialog support center.  

You may also notice slight changes to the “look and feel” of Dialog’s user interface at this time, as we set the foundation for further improvements to the search and discovery experience.

Saved Searches

The Saved Searches workspace modernizes the management of saved searches, replicating existing functionality and laying the groundwork for new ways to support librarians and researchers.  This intuitive workspace manages large collections of search strategies with ease. 

  • Create and edit even the most complex strategies
  • Sort your saved search collection by name, create date or last modified date
  • Filter your saved searches based on the name, description or strategy content
  • Preview search result listings and search set counts
  • Insert readily available pre-made search sets (aka “Hedges”) into your search strategies
  • Create an alert from a saved search
  • Run the search on Dialog
  • Share your search strategy as a ready-to-run URL link with other Dialog users

If you also have alerts running on Dialog, enjoy the convenient combination of the Saved Search and Alert workspaces to manage all your online search topics in one place. 

Please contact your account manager or email us at customer@dialog.com if you have any questions.

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