Literature Review Services Overview

Literature review services – a must-do suite of tasks that all pharma companies have to perform in order to comply with the mandate of keeping track and reporting of the adverse reactions related to their products. Read below why you should outsource these activities to Dialog Solutions.

Our Literature Monitoring offer goes beyond our software products. Dialog Solutions has a team of experts that can help customers with critical, time-consuming, and resource-intensive tasks associated with keeping the pace with monitoring of what is reported in the ever-growing literature about pharma products.

Our team provides literature review for drug safety, selects articles for the product literature database and performs indexing and abstracting on all these articles, and conducts regulatory, animal alternatives, and ad-hoc searches.  Together with our Dialog content, Alerts Manager, Drug Safety Triager and PinPoint databases, the literature review services suite completes an end-to-end solution that make us a strategic partner for any pharma customer. Our customers recommend us for the excellent on-time and quality work.


Literature review for drug safety: We perform literature review for drug safety and submit the articles qualified as Individual Case Safety Reports to our customers within the period of time they desire. We also triage for customers the articles that further contain safety-relevant data for Aggregate Reports and Signal Detection. This results in 70% reduction of the literature “noise” that the product leads/safety scientists need to go through to complete their review for aggregate reports and signals.  

 Indexing and abstracting: According to customer’s selection criteria, we can route the articles of interest to customers’ product literature database, index all articles for fast and precise retrieval, and create custom abstracts that can be shared without fear of copyright violation. We also have specialists with expertise in maintaining database thesaurus. 

Searches: We perform PSUR, DSUR, NDA, and Animal alternative searches according to regulatory strategies that have been approved by our customers. We also perform ad-hoc searches, a process that involves the translation of a need for specific information needed for a research topic or decision making in a search syntax that retrieves the most relevant articles from literature.    

 Alerts services: We support our customers with the creation and maintenance of the search strategies that periodically run in commercial databases and bring in front of customers the most relevant articles for their pharmacovigilance processes. Dialog Solutions Alerts manager further simplifies customers’ handling of the alerts by keeping track of alert history and permitting bulk updates.