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Search the International Pharmaceutical Abstracts database through the Dialog platform. International Pharmaceutical Abstracts provides thorough coverage of global pharmaceutical and related healthcare literature. Topics range from drug use, adverse reactions and drug interactions to pharmacy practice, research, and technology. 

And by accessing the International Pharmaceutical Abstracts database directly through Dialog, you are able to take advantage of Dialog’s flexible pricing, advanced search features and unmatched breadth of other content. 

Take a look below to learn more about using Dialog to search the International Pharmaceutical Abstracts database.

The benefits of using Dialog

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Search International Pharmaceutical Abstracts Using Precision Research Tools

Dialog lets users perform cross-database searches, download results, save searches and create custom reports. As a result, Dialog improves collaboration and enables organisations to create custom search workflows. 

In addition, search results are provided in XML. This means Dialog integrates seamlessly into downstream workflows.

Dialog also includes the Dialog® Alerts Manager. From the Alerts Manager users can easily manage multiple searches and set up research alerts. 

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

We offer flexible pricing models for content on Dialog. This covers subscription models and transaction-based pricing options. As a result, Dialog customers can use International Pharmaceutical Abstracts at a price level that suits them:

  • Standard Transactional Plan: Pay as you go access
  • Commitment Plan: Discounts when you commit to a minimum annual contract value
  • Subscription Plans: Flat rate subscriptions for specific databases or groups of databases

Download more information about the flexible pricing options available on Dialog.   

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Search Other Databases in the Same Interface

Through Dialog, researchers can access content in over 140 literature databases (including MEDLINE and Biosis Previews). Together, these databases offer:

  • 1.4 billion authoritative records
  • 20 million pages of newspapers
  • 33 full-text patent authorities
  • 69 bibliographic patent authorities

Using Dialog to Search the International Pharmaceutical Abstracts Database

We work with businesses around the world to support their pharmaceutical and scientific research efforts. As well as helping them search the International Pharmaceutical Abstracts database, we work with them to achieve their end goals, such as research or compliance. In order to learn more, click on the examples below: 

If you want to access the International Pharmaceutical Abstracts database, click the button below:  

Overview of the International Pharmaceutical Abstracts database

The International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA) database provides comprehensive coverage of worldwide pharmacy literature. Such literature refers to articles on drugs and their properties, pharmacokinetics, manufacturer, research, and use; and pharmacy practice. Therefore, in addition to technical and scientific articles, those discussing the professional practice of pharmacy or the therapeutic and clinical use of drugs are included. Pharmacy publications are abstracted and indexed cover to cover. In addition to articles, coverage includes letters, columns, notes, communications, and editorials if there is substance to the discussion.

The IPA database covers more than 335 international pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetics, and other health-related journals, including all United States pharmacy journals. Articles from major medical and special biomedical journals are covered when a clinical or therapeutic experience or when pharmacy practice is discussed. AHFS meeting presentation abstracts are also included since 1988.

The International Pharmaceutical Abstracts database includes articles on:

  • Adverse Drug Reactions
  • Biopharmaceutics
  • Drug Analysis
  • Drug Evaluations
  • Drug Interactions
  • Drug Metabolism and Body Distribution
  • Drug Stability
  • History
  • Information Processing and Literature
  • Institutional Pharmacy Practice
  • Investigational Drugs
  • Legislation, Laws, and Regulations
  • Methodology and Drug Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmacoeconomics
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Pharmacy Practice
  • Pharmacology
  • Sociology, Economics, and Ethics
  • Toxicity

Use International Pharmaceutical Abstracts to answer such questions as:

  • What are the effects of policosanol on cholesterol levels?
  • Are there any reviews on mouth dissolving tablet technologies?
  • What are the anti-inflammatory effects of luteolin?
  • How is ginger used in the treatment and prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis?

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