Inspec is a scientific and technical database containing abstracts and specialized indexing of the world’s quality research literature in the fields of physics and engineering from journals and serials, conference papers and proceedings, books and book chapters, and technical reports. Some standards, dissertations and a small number of UK and US patents (published between 1968 and 1976) are included. All abstracts are in English; author-prepared abstracts are used when available. The database is produced by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Inspec Subject coverage

Inspec covers five main subjects, organized by Subfile:

A – Physics: elementary particles and fields, atomic, molecular and nuclear physics, phenomenology, fluids, plasmas and electric discharges, condensed matter: structure, thermal and mechanical properties, electronic structure: electrical, magnetic, and optical properties, cross-disciplinary physics and related areas, geophysics, astronomy and astrophysics.

B – Electrical engineering and electronics: engineering mathematics, materials science, circuits and circuit theory, components, electron, magnetic and superconducting devices and materials, optical materials and applications, electro-optics and optoelectronics, electromagnetic fields, communications, instrumentation, power systems and applications.

C – Computers and control: management topics, systems and control theory and technology, numerical analysis and theoretical computer topics, computer hardware, software and applications.

D – Information technology for business: management aspects, applications, systems and equipment, and office automation for communications and computing.

E – Mechanical and production engineering: general topics in manufacturing and production engineering, manufacturing and production, engineering mechanics, and industrial sectors.

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