IFI Claims / US Patents and Legal Status

The IFI CLAIMS / US Patents and Legal Status database is produced by IFI CLAIMS® Patent Services. The database provides access to more than 6 million granted United States patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) since 1950. Published pre-grant applications are available from March 2001 forward. From 1971 forward, the CLAIMS documents include all information found on the front page of a U.S. patent document, plus exemplary and non-exemplary claims. The complete specification is included for patents issued from 1976 forward. Documents covering 1950-1970 contain basic bibliographic data and exemplary claims (chemical patents only). Business-method patent indexing is available from 2001 forward. In-depth controlled indexing for chemical and chemically-significant patents is provided for the years 1950-2010. Since published pre-grant publications often do not include assignees, IFI generates Probable Assignee names algorithmically using various sources such as reassignment data. U.S. Classification, International Patent Classification (version 8), and the new Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) are provided. Thesaurus details are provided for the 3 classification systems.

Provisional application data is also included. Post-issuance legal status information for U.S. patents is provided from 1980 forward. The information is obtained from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and from the USPTO Official Gazette. Coverage includes: certificates of correction, reassignment data, reexamination requests, certificates, and reexamination claims, term extensions, expirations for nonpayment of fees, reinstatements, reissue requests, adverse decisions on interference actions, and disclaimer/dedication data. Legal status information typically contains the date of the legal action, the date it was recorded in the Official Gazette and any additional applicable information such as request number, descriptive text, etc. Calculated expiration dates are also available. This is proprietary information produced by IFI CLAIMS® Patent Services.

Pre- and post-issuance reassignment information includes the former assignee (i.e., assignor), new assignee, reassignment action (e.g., full interest, quarter interest, etc.), date of reassignment, reel and frame number of the USPTO microfilm record, and the correspondence address.

More information on the IFI Claims / US Patents and Legal Status database can be found here.

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