Gale Group Trade & Industry Database

Gale Group Trade & Industry Database™ is a multi-industry database covering international company, industry, product, and market information, with strong coverage of areas such as management techniques, financial earnings, economic climate, product evaluations, and executive changes. Abstracts are available for some records and the complete text is fully searchable for many records. Gale Group Trade & Industry Database™ provides strong international coverage of more than 65 major industries, including automotive, defense, chemicals, electronics, advertising, and marketing, retailing, telecommunications, insurance, metals, and oils. In addition to covering information on companies, industries, products, and markets, the database features excellent coverage of:

  • Management theory and practice
  • Company stock performance
  • Professional business activities
  • Industry Overviews
  • Reviews
  • Economic and demographic information
  • Financial exchange information
  • Biographies
  • Company securities transactions
  • Product evaluations

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