COVID-19 Database

As part of our ongoing support of the research efforts for COVID-19 treatments, vaccines, and medical devices, we’ve launched a new, free database on Dialog: COVID-19 Research.

The COVID-19 Research database provides free access to material on the COVID-19 outbreak published since November 2019. This has been selected from premium biomedical databases on Dialog (including BIOSIS Previews, Embase, EMCare and MEDLINE) as well as content from the ProQuest Coronavirus Research Database (and thank you to our partners including Clarivate and Elsevier!).

It brings together many strands of investigation and knowledge into one resource on this rapidly changing subject. The database will be updated daily and continue to grow as more research is published about the pandemic. It currently includes articles on clinical observation, treatments, drug and vaccine development, nursing, and management strategies.

COVID-19 Database There’s a lot more information about the COVID-19 Research database in its ProSheet – take a look here.

This free database, combined with our pre-made COVID-19 searches and COVID-19 search hedge provides a range of resources for those people combating the threat from this global pandemic.

If you’re an existing Dialog user, you can simply select COVID-19 Research in the same way that you’d select any other database on Dialog; you can access it directly here:

But if you’re not a Dialog customer and need free access to this kind of research, send us an email to discuss free access options.

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