Embase provides comprehensive bibliographic coverage of the literature on drugs and pharmacology and of all other aspects of human medicine and related disciplines.

Embase is a key resource for biomedical evidence, from published, peer-reviewed literature, in-press publications and conference abstracts. Widely recognized as an authoritative source for generating systematic reviews, Embase’s comprehensive indexing of trial and study types, reviews and meta analyses ensures maximum searchability.

Whether you are monitoring the literature to make informed decisions in evidence-based medicine or are engaged in pharmacovigilance and post-market monitoring of your products, Embase is the ideal solution.

Embase includes conference abstracts from important biomedical, drug and medical device conferences dating back to 2009.

Full-text indexing of drug, disease and medical device data facilitates precise searching via the detailed life science thesaurus Emtree. This covers trade, generic and chemical designations for drugs, medical device trade and manufacturer names, disease names and more. ProQuest Dialog™ offers an interactive thesaurus to provide full access to all these terms, and their broader and narrower hierarchies, subheadings and scope notes.

Embase covers the following areas:

Drug research
Human medicine
Basic biological research
Health policy and management
Public, occupational and environmental health
Substance dependence and abuse
Forensic science
Biomedical engineering and instrumentation
Medical devices

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