Drug Safety Triager Overview

Drug Safety Triager (DST) is an industry-leading Literature Monitoring workflow that provides essential tools and services to support Pharma companies on every step in their quest to comply with their pharmacovigilance obligations.

A key component of our competitive Literature Monitoring workflow is our flagship software solution, Drug Safety Triager. Drug Safety Triager permits ingestion, review, management, storage, and reporting of ever-growing amount of literature related to adverse reactions. Designed as a workflow, Drug Safety Triager delivers efficiency, control, and compliance to a process that is resource intensive and under strict regulatory scrutiny.

The Drug Safety Triager increases productivity, compliance and quality in a fully validated and audit-ready package.

• Software as a Service (SaaS)
• Fully validated. Validation package delivered with each implementation. Strictly-controlled change process
• Validated cloud-based hosting provider
• Integrated with Dialog alerts manager for seamless alerts management for customers who ingest literature content from Dialog
• User-friendly and modern user interface
• Multiple document upload capability: full text, translations, other related documents
• Audit-ready reference history for each document
• Configurable interface by customers’ administrators
• Seamless work allocation
• Fast search and report delivery
• Transparency of workflow status for proactive management process control
• Day zero visibility across the workflow and within reports
• Compliance reports
• Regulatory reports
• Notifications
• Strong technical support