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Scientific research drives innovation for your industry and your organization, but do you have the complete perspective?

U.S. academic institutions perform 53% of the nation’s total basic research, per the National Science Board’s Science and Engineering Indicators 2012. Similar trends exist worldwide. This crucial body of research is uniquely discoverable in dissertations and theses. Now, with ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Professional on Dialog the world’s most comprehensive collection of dissertations is available for the first time in a search service uniquely designed for the needs of business and professional research. Using precision search of the full text, you can discover early stage research and prior art as never before.

The leading edge

Dissertations and theses can provide the missing link, often acting as the first published source for new concepts and areas of research. And, dissertations are cross-disciplinary in scope encompassing almost all areas of science and technology.

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  • Whether your focus is on discovering scientific research at the earliest stage or identifying prior art early in the patenting process, ProQuest Dialog offers powerful capabilities to facilitate your research.
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    Complete text of dissertation documents from more than 1,700 graduate schools and universities, including the world’s most prestigious research programs
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The authoritative source for dissertations 

Dialog Solutions offers more than three million citations to dissertations and theses from around the world, plus the full text for more than one and a half million dissertations. Nearly 90,000 new full text graduate works are added to the database each year.

We are the leader in the field, with a history of preserving and enabling accessibility for dissertations that stretches back more than 70 years as well as a designated official offsite repository for the U.S. Library of Congress.

Only a fraction of the dissertations available on ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Professional are available on the open web or via academic institutions.

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Research trends in engineering and scitech.  There is a significant body of dissertation publishing in the area of fuel cells, particularly for use in the automotive industry. Dissertations in this multidisciplinary domain tend to focus primarily on material science, chemical engineering, or manufacturing and process optimization.

Dissertation publishing is active in alternative and renewable energy, including enhanced oil recovery, oil sands, oil field remediation, and seismic studies of the ocean floor. In the area of food science, phenolic compounds and antioxidants are hot topics, with blueberries widely studied in pursuit of the next super food. Shelf life improvement, storage, and packaging innovations are other active areas.

Research trends in biological and pharmaceutical sciences. A growing number of recent dissertations are focused on finding clues within nature that could support future pharmaceutical development. Common species under the microscope are marine sponges and cyanobacteria, with cancer drug development often the ultimate goal of the research. Another hot area for new dissertations is the development of cancer treatments, particularly breast and prostate cancer, and the continued pursuit of effective vaccines to prevent the disease.

Application of Information Communications Technology (ICT) to healthcare has the potential to provide a multitude of benefits to patients and service providers around the world, and this is reflected in the increasing number of dissertations recently published in this domain. Within health informatics, the subject of electronic health records is widely studied and represents another growing trend