Derwent Patents Citation Index

Derwent Patents Citation Index (DPCI), produced by Clarivate Analytics, provides access to more than 98 million patent and 11 million literature citations found in more than 11 million patent families. In each update, examiner citations from about 50,000 documents from major patent-issuing authorities are added. Each record in the database describes a patent family for a single invention. The patent family data corresponds to the patent family data provided in Derwent World Patents Index at the time that the most recent citations were added to the database. The DPCI record provides a view of retrospective technology for an invention (cited patents and literature references) and its impact on subsequent technology (citing patents). Citations referenced by examiners or inventors in patent documents are called “cited” patents or literature references in the DPCI record and correspond to the search reports that accompany patent publications. When a citation references older inventions/patents, it is also added to the family record as a “citing”

Examiner citations are provided for family members added to the file from the following patent-issuing authorities:
Australia (AU), Belgium (BE), China (CN), Czech Republic (CZ), European Patent Office (EP), France (FR), Germany (DE), Gulf Co-operation Council (GC), Japan (JP), Korea (KR), Luxembourg (LU), Malaysia (MY), Philippines (PH), Netherlands (NL), Russia (RU), Singapore (SG), Spain (ES), Switzerland (CH), United Kingdom (GB), United States (US), and WIPO/PCT (WO); Inventor citations are provided for family members for Australia (AU) (1994-6), Belgium (BE), European Patent Office (EP), France (FR), Germany (DE), Luxembourg (LU), Netherlands (NL), Switzerland (CH), United Kingdom (GB), United States (US) and WIPO/PCT (WO).

Limited coverage (1994-6) of citations is included and searchable for Austria (AT) (examiner and inventor), Canada (CA) (Inventor) and Sweden (SE) (examiner and inventor).

Since DPCI contains limited information about the patent family, the DWPI accession number can be used in DWPI to obtain detailed information, such as abstracts, about cited and citing patents as well as family members.

More information on the Derwent Patents Citation Index is available here.

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