COVID-19 Research Resources

At Dialog Solutions, our goal is to simplify the research process for anyone, in any organisation. And nowhere is this goal more important than in the search for treatments and cures for the COVID-19 global pandemic. To support those researchers, librarians and information professionals who are helping to advance this vital research we’ve created the COVID-19 Research Resources hub, offering a range of free resources.

If you’re already a Dialog user, you can start using all of these resources straight away. If you’re not a Dialog customer, but would like to use any of the materials below, contact us to discuss access options.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Search Strategies

Coronavirus search string

We’ve developed a number of ready to run searches for accessing research on coronavirus (COVID-19). These searches cover a range of topics from pharma and biomedical R&D to investigational drugs. Click the button below to access the full list of searches.

COVID-19 Research Database

COVID-19 Database

COVID-19 Research is a new, free to access database available exclusively on Dialog. It provides free access to material on the COVID-19 outbreak published since November 2019. Access it now through Dialog or read the blog for more information.  

Coronavirus hedge in Dialog Alerts Manager

COVID-19 search screenshot

We’ve created a hedge in Dialog to provide a quick way to create your own searches on the virus. All you need to do is access Dialog Alerts Manager, create an alert and click on the ‘Insert Hedge’ button. Or if you’re not familiar with using hedges, click the button for more information. 

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