Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology Abstracts


The database covers all aspects chemical engineering, biological engineering, and related fields. Sources are international scientific and user-related journals, conference proceedings, doctoral theses, and German research reports.
CEABA aims to deliver chemical or process engineers, chemists, biotechnologists, and industrial scientists insights to the literature of process and bioprocess engineering, chemical engineering and biotechnology.

Since WTI Frankfurt eG took over the database in 2011 the number of abstracts added to the database has increased from around 9000 per year to almost 70000 in 2014. Since 2007 the “Thesaurus Technik and Management” of WTI
Frankfurt is used for indexing the documents in CEABA. The majority of records have English abstracts; all records have English-language indexing

Subject Coverage

 process engineering: unit operation, separation processes, loss prevention
 process systems engineering: process design, development and control
 industrial process plants: plant design, equipment, safety, retrofitting, management
 transport phenomena: fluid dynamics, heat transfer, mass transfer
 safety engineering: plant safety, occupational health and safety
 chemical reaction engineering
 mechanical process engineering
 thermal process engineering
 theoretical chemical engineering
 chemistry: electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, petrochemistry, green chemistry
 thermodynamics
 substance data and material data
 corrosion engineering
 measurement and testing technology, sensors bioprocess engineering
 biomedical engineering
 cellular engineering
 genetic engineering
 biological systems engineering
 biomimetics
 food engineering
 pharmaceutical engineering
 materials science: metals, composites, ceramics, polymers
 environmental engineering: wastewater, waste management, water supply, air pollution, soil pollution, remediation
 nanotechnology
 energy: fuel cells, battery, power plants, fuels, harvesting, saving
 sustainability
 renewable sources

Use Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology Abstracts to answer questions like:

– What information has recently been published on butterfly valves used in chemical processing?
– Has anything been published on jet mixing involving a liquid or liquids; one of the phases can be a gas?
– What recent technological developments have there been in the removal of toxins from diesel emissions?

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