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One of the most important weapons in the fight against the global threat of coronavirus (COVID-19) is going to be vaccines and therapies. Central to this is the outstanding work being done by researchers and scientists around the world to find treatments to help with recovery and vaccines to protect people against the virus. And part of this is getting access to research on coronavirus (COVID-19).

As with all research, finding effective therapies and vaccines for the coronavirus will be a long, painstaking process. To try and do what we can to help, we’ve worked with our support team to create a number of pre-made searches on a range of topics related to coronavirus. If you’re a user of the Dialog• platform, all you need to do is click on one of the links below to get the results of the latest peer-reviewed literature on these particular issues. These searches are run across the world’s best known medical journals, including the British Medical Journal, The Lancet, Nature and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Take a look at the searches below and let us know if there are any other searches you’d like us to create for your coronavirus research. Drop us a line at

COVID-19 search screenshot Ready to run searches to access research on coronavirus (COVID-19)

Click on the links below to run the saved search automatically:

Pharma and biomedical R&D

Social Implications

Investigational drugs & treatments

Coronavirus hedge in Dialog Alerts Manager

We’ve also created a hedge in Dialog to provide another way to get access to research on coronavirus (COVID-19). This means you can easily build your own searches for coronavirus research, and just need to add the coronavirus hedge, rather than creating a whole search string for the virus. Again, this will help save time and get you access to the latest research. The Dialog Coronavirus hedge is designed to work in all Dialog databases including biomedical, pharmaceutical, news and patent databases. If you need clinical trials information on the coronavirus, add the Dialog Clinical Trials hedge to your search as well.

To use the hedge, all you need to do is access Dialog Alerts Manager, create an alert and click on the ‘Insert Hedge’ button. You’ll then see the list of hedges available, with the coronavirus hedge at the top. Simply select that to add it to your search.

And from the entire Dialog Solutions team, we wanted to express our gratitude to everyone out there who is working to combat and eradicate this global pandemic.

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