Like anyone that’s been to a medical or life sciences conference, you’ll have seen the posters displaying the latest early-stage research. And while you can take photos of these posters, that isn’t always practical, and doesn’t guarantee you’ve seen everything you wanted to see.

This can be particularly frustrating as this ‘grey’ research literature contains early-stage findings that can help you get a better idea of future scientific research trends. And more often than not, these posters appear months or years before the research appears in other sources, such as peer-reviewed journals.

That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Morressier, the world’s leading platform for early-stage research, to make its collection of academic posters and presentations available through the Dialog platform. Morressier is the only database that receives conference posters directly from the research authors themselves, meaning it has access to the latest early-stage research.

And accessing the Morressier poster and abstract database through Dialog allows you to search all of these posters using Dialog’s powerful search functionality. That means you can search 36,000 posters for specific words and phrases and set up alerts for future conference posters containing those terms. Title, author, subject, conference information and abstract are available in addition to a fully searchable PDF of the poster itself. It also means you can choose how you pay to access the posters – with Dialog’s flexible pricing you can pay as you go or use one of our commitment, all-you-can-eat plans.

This is what Sami Benchekroun, co-founder and Managing Director of Morressier, has to say about the new partnership: “We are delighted to partner with Dialog to elevate critical early-stage research and accelerate progress in the life sciences. Dialog’s vast distribution network and discovery tools will provide access to the Morressier research database at scale, helping authors to showcase their work and increasing the global dialogue around early-stage research.”

By accessing Morressier through Dialog, you get the best of both worlds – access to the world’s top conference posters in an easy to use search interface. Find out more here about the conference abstracts and posters you can access on Dialog with Morressier, or contact us to get access.

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